A complete overview with Eye on Data

Your best tool for simple, across-the-board monitoring of risks, incidents and insurance

Eye on Data is a set of dynamic risk management tools that give you a clear overview of your risks, your exposure, your direct and indirect costs, your insurance premiums, incidents and accidents, claim payments and provisions and insurance policies.

In addition, the software generates reports which are fully customisable to your business, both for your own use and for your broker, claims adjuster and insurer.

The benefits at a glance

You have an overview at all times. Even if your company has different branches, all risk-related information is kept centrally.

All information remains under our control and available at any time. Your business information belongs to you.

Eye on Data works cross-departmentally and enables you to manage and control your risks across the board. Eye on Data can be used for Internal Audit, Quality, Governance, Compliance, Prevention, Business Improvement, Insurance, Legal, Facility, Procurement, HR and any other department, and organised either on an overarching basis or by function.

The tool is adaptable to your business, regardless of its size.

All risk information relating to buildings, equipment and liabilities can be easily supplied and managed by your own teams. Other relevant managers or functions may then use the information for analysis, purchasing or other purposes. This ensures that the necessary updates are provided and appropriate analysis takes place at least annually.

Here are a few of the possibilities:

  • Online consultation of all your incidents and their financial impact (useful for determining the total cost of risk)
  • Online consultation of historical information relating to insurance policies, including annexes such as conditions, statistics, premium statements, prevention, etc.
  • Powerful reporting options that can help define and then evaluate KPIs
  • Profitability calculations
  • Task management and communication module
  • Declaration and monitoring procedures

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